Wednesday, September 07, 2011

dear hp

please do not stick webos in your printer division. have a real vision and either give webos away, and let anybody develop devices with it. partner with other companies to deliver content and work on your cloud services by yourself or with others. tie all of your devices and those of others to it. if it sounds familiar, it is.

android needs a legitimate competitor. it isn't what it could be, and may never be. it's time for a decent alternative with a better interface.

this is a path fraught with potential. you just have to believe and be willing to think different.

google will continue to figure how to lock people into their ecosystem. they bought motorola for their intellectual property and their set top business. cable boxes powered by google. they couldn't get google tv right, so this is another tact that will be more successful. will eventually dig into your business. they will be happy to concede the printer business. because who will care 10 years from now. hardly anyone will have a printer at home.

please..... do something. webos is too good to throw away. it may instead figure into your future in ways you haven't imagined.