Friday, September 06, 2013

About Process

I wrote this for my students to help them with their final project.


We are winding down the semester. Next week's assignment will be to come in with a pitch for your final project. In essence, begin thinking about what you want to do for your project, and ask the following questions:

1. Who is the project for?
2. What is the narrative? Can it be summed up in one sentence?
3. Determine scope of your narrative.
4. Identify materials you will need to tell the narrative.
5 Implement a rough mockup, wireframe and/or material collection

When I use the term "narrative", i am talking about either fictional or non-ficitional accounts. As an example, a web site that helps people choose a pet would possibly have the single sentence declaration "This is a site that guides users through the process of deciding what kind of animal to get as a pet, using preference information combined with living constraints." An Audio project might have a statement like "This is a musical exploration of the United State's political landscape using a combination of original and found media."

Much is written about “creative process”. 5 stages to consider are:

1. Preparation/Hypothesis 
2. incubation/data collection/experimentation/
3. synthesis/illumination/experimentation (i.e. rough draft)
4. implementation
5. assessment

Steps 4 and 5 may need to be repeated based on results.

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